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France Wedding and Family Photographer

I’m a storytelling and award winning photographer in love with weddings.

I’m driven by real moments. All day long, I focus on raw emotions and authentic moments. People are the heart of my work.

I work with couples from all over the world. Getting married in France is always a good idea ! There are so many stunning wedding venues …

From Paris to Provence, Bordeaux to Loire Valley, French Riviera to Brittany.

Sometimes, I document weddings overseas and I love it !

From Comoros Islands to Portugal, Italy to London. I’m always thrilled to discover new locations.

I’m also a family photographer in love with real life. That’s why I embrace a documentary approach.

You live your life, at home or on holidays. No staged photos, no directions.

Be yourself. Because nothing is better than real life.

The result ? Meaningful photos that represent each member of your family just as they are and all the love that surrounded them.